Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

Andre Tran
2 min readOct 26, 2020

1.) Photo or video of completed project

2.) “What was your original vision?”
Originally, I made my “comic” cutout as a sort of “movie poster”-esque idea for a full blown video that I would make on my own time.

3.) “How did your project differ from the original vision?”

Alot actually! For one, I didn’t expect myself to put more time into the poster than the video, and I ended up getting alot of cool photos instead of cool video clips, so I decided to go full out on the poster idea.

4.) “Do you think your project is a success? Why or why not?”

Absolutley! I ended up making the coolest poster for Onewheels I’ve ever seen, and not just because I’m in there myself. I’m really proud of how it turned out and the art style I went with.

5.) “Do you think your project got weaker due to compromises you had to make to complete it? Or stronger due to improvements as you executed the work and found new ideas? Or both? Please describe!”

Both. As I said earlier, this project going full photo actually made me make one of the most awesome art pieces I’ve done digitally in a long time. On the flip side, I do still have the urge of making a cool short video of my ride synced to music and such that I’ve seen other creators and Onewheel riders do.

6.) “What ideas, concepts, or artistic abilities were you trying to explore in this project? Did you achieve your goals? Do you think your piece communicates what you wanted it to?”

The main concept and idea was all about the “coolness” a Onewheel has and can bring. I think I really brought that out with the comic panel styled layout, the actually photos I took and used, how I editted them from angle to color warmth, etc. and much more.

7.) “What would you do differently if you did this project again?”

Definitley get more photos! I only had a handful to choose from and edit to make it look the way it does, but if I had more photos and time, I’m sure I would have been able to make a really awesome collage with the end product in mind to get better shots on the spot at location.

P.S. speaking of location, all photos were taken on campus :D properly social distanced and masks and all! First time there and it was a blast riding around.