Artist: Bobi Bosson
Media: Screen print, Sculptures, Painting

Bobi Bosson is interdisciplinary medium artist working at California State University Long Beach with various projects, many revolving around a central theme of feminimity and women. Working with different materials, art forms, subjects, projects, and the like give Bobi a diverse, unique, and expansive portfolio to say the least. From her sculptures such as “Tide Conditions” to her “For the Love of Drag” works on canvas explore a vast ocean of ideas, topics, and open up discussions into many different walks of life.

Looking at various works such as “Jules”, “Rosie” and “Come at Me Bro”, we can see the familiar shape of a woman depicted in these works. Curves that in some cases are literally made of lines bent into shape to oil paints, these all share those qualities. Another popular form found in her work is a specific texture, what almost looks like cracking or chipping paint, formed into straight, jagged lines. These can be found in her works such as “Roxanne”, “Jules”, & “Virago Barbie”. Her paintings are all very colorful, but with a common palette of vibrant but deep pinks, reds, and hints of yellow. Many of her works also come in a variety of sizes, but generally fall under the category of on the bigger side. While still relatively small, some works such as “Rosie” and “Come At Me Bro” measure well over 2 feet long in some cases. Other projects such as “Tide Condititions” and “Virago Barbie” are literally larger than life, being able to climb inside or towering over a person. These characteristics together can point to a very unique signature in all of her art.

Many, many of her works revolve around feminimity, women, and other aspects of their figure and tropes. From doing a series on drag to making a life sized barbie doll box, Bobi’s newest projects bring the cross of feminism and entomology. As an artist, expression of ones ideas is the foundation of your art, and as a female artist, it makes sense that many works would revolve around these themes. From the physical form to the associated looks and styles, she expresses these in a positive and almost enlightening but intrguing tone through her art, bringing up inspiration from women that she admires and through emotion, imbuing her art pieces with these complex ideas and expressions.

As someone with just a toe barely in the art world but one who is excited to understand it, I feel like I have just enough ability to grasp just an ounce of the ideas that Bobi’s work expresses. Growing up in a very forward generation, I find that women identifying people have such a strong voice and an even stronger resolve to get their ideas out there and to influence those around them. As someone with two older sisters and growing up around women in general my whole life, the personal experiences I have had with them only make me more open to their experiences and struggles and make me hold artists like Bobi with respect and inspiration.