Wk 4 — Art Activity — Architecture & Urban Planning

These designs are for a reimagined campus library. A library is no longer just a place for physical information mediums, but a place where information is accessed through many means. This library is all digital, computers and televisions open for student access. On the upper floor is a VR bay, much like blow up VR kiosks at malls, except designed for virtual conferencing and virtual experienes that would better help educate students. Issues such as physical storage, accesibility, and, in this day and age, social distancing, can be easily managed with this format.

The campus itself in my opinion is still a well enough developed campus for current student living and learning. My vision is to add improvements to better aid in helping them. As we move toward a more technological future, we could see even the need for a campus obsolete. A fully virtual system where all a student needs is a virtual reality headset to access campus, materials, class, etc. is where I think the future is headed.

As for this “all virtual, VR headset accessible” campus, games such as Second Life and VRChat could be amazing programs to bring these concepts to life. You’ve already seen me dabble in these places, so take a look at what it could be like!

A library setting to study, lecture hall, and interactive galaxy! Say for studing astronomy, making classes much more immersive, hands on, and engaging!