Wk 15? 16? — Choice!

Andre Tran
2 min readDec 13, 2020

For this final project, I revisted some old digital art I used to do a few years back. Recently, an artist I followed had a virtual concert and featured some art made by fans on a scrolling billboard behind them. I decided to recreate the stage and them performing on it for their concert.

As I said, I did some art like this in the past, but it was all headshots and no background. This time, it was a whole stage and… still no background cause I’m not that good haha. But here’s some of my old stuff as reference.

Overall, I’m not exactly tooooo happy with the result. Revisiting made me realize that you can’t pick up everything right away, especially when doing something new for the first time like a whole scene. I’d really like to practice more and do more full scenes to get better. I’d also like to learn how to do some simple backdrops instead of just having to rely on a gradient tool. I am proud of how I managed to get the spotlight, shadow, and clothes on him.