Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends

Andre Tran
3 min readNov 16, 2020
  1. )https://padlet.com/andretran100/ifwdt6nohxu37nzq
  2. ) How well did you know your partner before this activity?

I’m gonna be honest, in a sea full of names, I didn’t know Dylan that well and only knew him in passing when we did introductions of in chat.

3.) How well do you know them now?

Way more than any other one of my classmates, I think this is the first time I’ve gotten to know another classmate past a name, major, and things they do in their daily lives. I know likes and interests, and way more.

4.) Does this seem like a way to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?

Honestly, I don’t think so. In these new and uncertain times, it’s hard to make connections and trying to make connections “forcefully” by pairing up with someone without any prior knowledge of any interests can result in a bare minimum. I think at the very least, a common, long term and expansive interest needs to be established before any real bonding can occur.

5.) What is another way you can think of to make new connections in a time of pandemic isolation?

For me personally, I have had two things that let me make new connections — video games, and skateboarding (Onewheeling to be specific.) In both cases, I’ve met a group of people that have a baseline common interest, and hang out repeatedly. Soon enough, I get to know them, and we start sharing memorable moments with eachother. This is when real connections take root.

6.) What platform did you use to communicate with your partner? How well did it work? Or not work? What other tool, or type of tool, might have been better?

We used Discord, and, while it may be contributed to us being avid Discord users beforehand, worked well. We’re both on it often enough where communication wasn’t limiting, and since it’s on our home turf, it wasn’t hard to incorporate or learn, which is a definite struggle if either of you need to compromise in communication. Another avenue might’ve been Instagram. Many many people in our generation use Insta DMs as form of communication in groups or one on one. Many other group projects I’ve had used it, both in this class or another.

7.) How did Padlet work for you? Was it easy to use? Did it communicate well? Can you think of another platform that might be better?

Padlet was definitley something new, but it is super intuitive and makes sense, with things being easily findable and in areas which make sense. As someone who not only uses technology, but studies and creates and learns about many aspects of it, ease of access to the user is very important and is something that I don’t take for granted in software, especially when it’s new to me. I like the concept, and I think it demonstrated and served its purpose well! Another platform which I could’ve used personally is straight up photoshop. I’m well versed in it, and I feel like I would’ve had more creative freedom in making something to demonstrate what I’ve learned about Dylan personally.

8.) What if, instead of meeting classmates, your goal was professional connections? How can you connect to people in your fiend in a time of pandemic isolation?

In a professional setting, Zoom right now has really taken hold of the conference and meetings side of things. Also, exchanging numbers and calling directly is still very much the popular thing in a professional setting to talk and “hang” with someone. With socially distanced seating, professional brunch and lunch meet ups are coming back. I even saw 3 buisness people have dim sum the other day when I went to pick some up.