For this final project, I revisted some old digital art I used to do a few years back. Recently, an artist I followed had a virtual concert and featured some art made by fans on a scrolling billboard behind them. I decided to recreate the stage and them performing on it for their concert.

As I said, I did some art like this in the past, but it was all headshots and no background. This time, it was a whole stage and… still no background cause I’m not that good haha. But here’s some of my old stuff as reference.

If you asked me what “art” was at the beginning of this semester, I would’ve said it was anything that anyone deems it so. In modern times, the term “art”, like many words, has been used to describe so many things, many of which unconventional in either its context or enviroment in which it was said. For example, when someone see’s a painting by Van Gogh, many people would consider it “art.” When someone see’s a scene in nature, perhaps a sunset, or an array of autumn leafs, many could consider it “art.” Even advancements in technology or completely practical…

Disclosure: For the sake of this assignment, I’d like to discuss the upcoming people and companies as a pre-law major. While I know this doesn’t currently exist at CSULB and the closest is criminal justice, this is a major that does exist and would be the closest to helping me achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer/paralegal.


McArthur Law Firm

McArthur Law Firm provides unparalleled legal service to multiple media corporations and companies around the world. From StudioMDHR, creators of the hit 2017 Cuphead, to indie scene ground breaking Yacht Club Games with Shovel Knight, McArthur Law Firm works with…

  1. )
  2. ) How well did you know your partner before this activity?

I’m gonna be honest, in a sea full of names, I didn’t know Dylan that well and only knew him in passing when we did introductions of in chat.

3.) How well do you know them now?

Way more than any other one of my classmates, I think this is the first time I’ve gotten to know another classmate past a name, major, and things they do in their daily lives. I know likes and interests, and way more.

4.) Does this seem like a way to make…

1.) Photo or video of completed project

2.) “What was your original vision?”
Originally, I made my “comic” cutout as a sort of “movie poster”-esque idea for a full blown video that I would make on my own time.

3.) “How did your project differ from the original vision?”

Alot actually! For one, I didn’t expect myself to put more time into the poster than the video, and I ended up getting alot of cool photos instead of cool video clips, so I decided to go full out on the poster idea.

4.) “Do you think your project is a…

Joseph DeLappe is a professor at Abertay University in Scotland, teaching “Games and Tactical Media” with a history of gaming centered pieces and projects that tackle real life subjects and topic matters such as war, media, and emerging technology like virtual reality. Micol Hebron is also a professor, teaching at Chapman University, as well as an all around acomplished artist, helping opening up art galleries and chairing in the board of directors for X-Tra magazines. Her work explores topics such as gender equality through newly emerging mediums in the digital realm.


Both of these artists use a variety of…

Topic/Idea: Onewheeling (electric skateboarding)

Media: Either photo collage or photo montage video/slideshow

I recently just got a new electric skateboard thats quite unique — it’s a Onewheel and I am really enjoying riding it. Many people have made amazing videos and photos on this thing, and I intend to do the same. Below I took some stock photos of it in action and mashed them together in a comic-esque style panel to demonstrate what I wanna show off. The only thing I’ll need is a stick and/or a person to take pictures of me riding — or a 360 camera and mount. Either way, I don’t think I have resources or money to achieve the vision I truly have, but I’ll make it work. In the end it’s just to look cool and show off the awesomeness of the Onewheel.

Andre Tran

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