If you asked me what “art” was at the beginning of this semester, I would’ve said it was anything that anyone deems it so. In modern times, the term “art”, like many words, has been used to describe so many things, many of which unconventional in either its context or…

Topic/Idea: Onewheeling (electric skateboarding)

Media: Either photo collage or photo montage video/slideshow

I recently just got a new electric skateboard thats quite unique — it’s a Onewheel and I am really enjoying riding it. Many people have made amazing videos and photos on this thing, and I intend to do the same. Below I took some stock photos of it in action and mashed them together in a comic-esque style panel to demonstrate what I wanna show off. The only thing I’ll need is a stick and/or a person to take pictures of me riding — or a 360 camera and mount. Either way, I don’t think I have resources or money to achieve the vision I truly have, but I’ll make it work. In the end it’s just to look cool and show off the awesomeness of the Onewheel.

Andre Tran

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